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SoCalGas - Flex Alert Update

Posted on 06/21/17

Dear Stakeholder,

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has issued a Flex Alert, see attached release, calling voluntary electricity conservation from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. for today Tuesday, June 20 and tomorrow Wednesday, June 21. A Flex Alert is a call for consumers to conserve electricity during heat waves when power use outstrips electricity supply. 

SoCalGas continually is monitoring the natural gas system to meet the demands of the region’s natural gas-fired power plants, other non-core customers like refineries, as well as core customers (residences and small businesses). We are working carefully with CAISO and other state agencies to meet system demands through natural gas being delivered into our system from out-of-state supply sources and utilizing storage withdrawals. 

Weather and system conditions are dynamic and unplanned outages can occur on the electric or gas system at any time. The current forecast by CAISO will likely lead to high hourly loads increasing the stress on the gas system and greater use of SoCalGas’ storage fields should the forecast materialize. Natural gas is not being withdrawn from the Aliso Canyon storage facility at this time. A protocol has been developed with state agencies that would guide the conditions under which Aliso is used to support the region’s energy reliability. 

To encourage conservation of electricity and natural gas, SoCalGas is working with the Energy Providers of Southern California, see attached release—a joint coalition of natural gas and electric utilities, CAISO, the California Public Utilities Commission, and local city governments. Customers are being urged to follow these tips to save energy: 
o Set your AC to 78 degrees, and turn off if away. 
o Reduce the temperature on your water heater. 
o Turn lights off when you leave the room. 
o Use a power strip and turn it off when the connected equipment isn’t in use. 
o Air dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher’s drying cycle. 
o Take short showers instead of baths, and use low-flow shower heads. 
o Only run full loads of clothes and dishes. 
o Wash clothes in cold water. 
o Keep windows and doors closed when heating or cooling your home. 
o Clean or change air filters regularly. 
Thank you for your attention, 

David Meza 
Public Affairs Manager 
Southern California Gas Company 

Download CaliforniaISOIssuesStatewideFlexAlertDuetoHeatWave061917.pdf

Download 061917 Energy Providers of Southern California Offer Conservation Tips F....pdf

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