Dispute Resolution Program


The Dispute Resolution program is a community-based program which provides free mediation, conciliation, and facilitation service in English and Spanish. Other languages are provided upon request. Mediation is a process in which the parties to the conflict meet face-to-face to discuss their dispute with the guidance and support of a neutral mediator. In addition, disputes between parties may also be solved through the telephone through a process known as conciliation, in which the mediator discusses the dispute with both parties until the dispute is resolved. Mediators do not provide any legal advice whatsoever and serve as a neutral party to alleviate disputes. Facilitation is also available and is a process in which a neutral individual leads a group discussion and dialogue between diverse members of a community. Mediation is 100% a voluntary process and all of our mediators are qualified and trained individuals who volunteer their time to this service. For more information, click here.

Charing Cross and Hilgard Bypass Line


LADWP Installs New Water Pipeline Near UCLA to Prep for Reservoir Cover

Changes to drinking water quality regulations require open air reservoirs to be covered, bypassed, or removed from service. To comply with these regulations, the LADWP will be installing a floating cover on Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir, which is located in the Beverly Glen area and currently services the adjacent communities and the UCLA campus. LADWP will temporarily remove Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir from service in order to install the cover. Before this can be done, the LADWP must install a new water pipeline to provide continued water deliver to the surrounding communities while the reservoir is temporarily removed from service.

Project Description

LADWP will install approximately 385 feet of 36-inch diameter water pipeline at Sunset Boulevard and Hilgard Avenue. The large diameter pipeline, known as the Charing Cross and Hilgard Bypass Line, will connect to existing infrastructure at the intersections of Sunset Boulevard and Hilgard Avenue and along Hilgard Avenue south of Charing Cross Road. The new pipeline will Read more »

Developer denied extra time to bring Bel-Air mansion into compliance

In September, building officials revoked permits on a large Bel-Air mansion, effectively shutting down construction. (Francine Orr, Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles Building and Safety Department is planning to refer a Bel Air mansion owner to the Los Angeles city attorney’s office for prosecution after the developer lost his bid for more time to bring the home up to city codes.

The Los Angeles Times reports (http://lat.ms/1FtmICZ ) that the Commissioners voted 4 to 0 Tuesday to uphold a building inspectors finding’s that developer Mohamed Hadid’s project was against city codes.

Neighbors claim Hadid tore down an existing home and graded the property so his mansion could be 67 feet tall instead of the allowable 36 feet.

Attorney Joseph Horacek’s home is below the mansion, which he says looks like the Starship Enterprise and could give way and squash his residence. He claims portions of the hill have already slid onto his street.

L.A. City Council approves $8.6 billion dollar budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year

Budget_2015_Photo (2)

After many committee meetings, countless hours of discussion and review, and a great deal of community/constituent input, the Los Angeles City Council approved, and the mayor signed, the $8.6 billion dollar budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year, which starts on July 1 of this year.

This year’s budgetary process, which started with the mayor’s proposed budget, was rigorous and demanding but not as harrowing as it has been in recent years, when the city of Los Angeles, like most governmental jurisdictions, had to struggle mightily to cope with the national financial downturn. Efficiencies that have been introduced, along with increased revenues that come with the improving economy, have made a positive impact on the city’s financial condition. That has meant that the city was able, this year, to do some good things while still on a very tight budget. Here are some of the things that Councilmember Koretz was able to help get added to the Mayor’s initial version:

• It’s important that the city have a plan in place to meet financial a crisis such as the recession that the country suffered seven years ago, and from which we are still slowly recovering, and for that reason the councilmember will always seek to Read more »

LADWP Construction of the Charing Cross and Hilgard Regulator Station Bypass Line Project

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