Neighborhood Council Budget Day – Saturday 8/16/14

NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL BUDGET ADVOCATES in conjunction with the Department Of Neighborhood Empowerment present: Neighborhood Council Budget Day – Saturday 8/16/14. 7:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Board of Public Works Room CITY HALL 200 N. Spring St Los Angeles California 90012.

All are invited to attend this free event. Click here to RSVP for the event.
Or call 213 978 1676 with name, contact info and NC affiliation (if any).

To reserve parking, include your vehicle’s make, model and plate number.

A Boon for Bel Air

Bel Air California Neighborhood

From Councilmember Koretz’ latest Hi5 Newsletter.

For the community of Bel Air, July 15 was a day of important rulings.

That morning, the City of L.A.’s Building and Safety Commission held a hearing regarding a haul route application for the 10697 Somma Way project in Bel Air. After listening to the concerns of Councilmember Koretz and the community, ranging from street safety to the amount of dirt being removed, the Commission accepted the request of Councilmember Koretz and granted a continuance of 45 days, while instructing the developer and community to work with the council office on formulating potential conditions that might be applied for the duration of the haul route.

Later that afternoon, the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety issued a “Notice to stop all construction and notice of intent to revoke building permits” related to the 901 Stradda Vechhia project in Bel Air. This action followed directly on the heels of a letter sent by Councilmember Koretz to department general manager Ray Chan, urging him to “put a hold on all project permits and order all work at this property to cease so your Department has an opportunity to study the issues raised by community members.”

In that letter, the Councilmember noted that, “Compelling evidence has been brought to my attention indicating that a massive residential project under construction at 901 Strada Vecchia may have evaded multiple required entitlements and California Environmental Quality Act review as a result of misrepresentations in the project’s permit plans.” The Councilmember added that the developer has appeared to ignore Orders to Comply issued by LADBS. The letter also mentioned unpermitted grading and demolishing as well as the possibility of excessive numbers of retaining walls on the property, and indicated that the site’s natural grade may have been misrepresented in order to permit a project that exceeds the Code’s height limit.

Councilmember Koretz additionally cited slope failures and landslides, and said, “It is hard to believe that Read more »

Alert! Imposters Are Scamming LADWP Customers By Phone


Persistent phone scammers are deceiving LADWP customers into paying non-existent water and power bills with threats of immediate service shut off. Don’t fall victim to phone scammers posing as LADWP “collection” personnel.

  • LADWP employees will NEVER ask for personal payment information over the telephone. They will never ask you to purchase pre-paid cash cards from a convenience store to pay your utility bill.
  • Payment by telephone can ONLY happen through the Department’s voice automated payment system, not with live employees. LADWP personnel do not accept payment information verbally over the telephone.
  • If you get a call asking for a cash card or credit card number or other personal financial information, hang up and call LAPD.

Safety and service excellence are of utmost importance to LADWP. Victimization of our customers will not be tolerated. Impostors can expect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Read more »

Phase 2 of the Plastic Bag Ban Goes into Effect on July 1


Single Use Carryout Bag Ordinance - L.A.M.C. 182604 (LAMC section 195.01, et. Seq)

Key Provisions:

  • Stores may no longer use single-use plastic bags (pharmacy and produce bags are exceptions)
  • Stores must charge a $0.10 fee for each recyclable paper bag used
  • Stores must offer reusable bags free or at a cost to shoppers
  • Stores must provide free recyclable paper bags or free reusable bags to participants of California special programs (WIC, SNAP, EBT)
  • Stores must provide a quarterly report to the City with the number of recyclable paper bags provided to customers, the amount collected from paper bag charges, and the efforts taken to promote the ordinance

Stores affected January 1:

All large stores with gross annual sales of over $2 million a year or with at least 10,000 square feet of retail space that generate sales or use tax and have a licensed pharmacy (includes large grocery stores like Vons, Ralphs, Food-4-Less, etc., large pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, etc., large retail stores selling groceries like Target, Walmart, etc.)

Stores affected July 1:
Small grocery stores and markets, small pharmacies, convenience stores selling milk/bread/soda/snacks (7-11, Arco ampm, etc.), liquor stores Read more »

Aggressive Safety Measures for Loma Vista Drive in Development. Heavy Haul Deliveries Suspended in Trousdale Estates


A liaison meeting of two appointed Traffic and Parking commissioners and two City Councilmembers will be held Thursday, May 15 at 9 a.m. in the City Hall Municipal Gallery to discuss additional safety measures for the Trousdale area of Beverly Hills.

The safety of Beverly Hills’ streets is a critical priority and the City is aggressively pursuing longer term measures, including revising building permit requirements to include strict vehicle safety measures and new heavy haul routes.

Recognizing safety concerns, the City on May 7 commissioned a traffic study from one of the leading transportation engineering firms in California, Fehr & Peers. The firm’s principal, a recognized expert in commercial traffic safety, will make recommendations for safety improvements by the end of May.

Following the tragic accident on Friday, the City of Beverly Hills immediately suspended heavy vehicle delivery and pick up in the Trousdale area until additional safety measures could be established. To enforce the suspension, traffic control officers and signage are deployed at both north and south entrances to Loma Vista to prevent large trucks from entering the area. Overall enforcement efforts to ensure that speeding laws are followed have been increased.

City of Beverly Hills – Office of Emergency Management
455 N Rexford Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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