Local Solar Program Workshop – September 23


Join LADWP for a special community and stakeholder workshop on LADWP’s Local Solar Programs. This is an opportunity to learn about the status of our robust Feed-in Tariff Programs (FiT50 & FiT100) and Solar Incentive Program. LADWP plans to engage participants on exciting plans to expand FiT and create a brand-new Community Solar Program.

LADWP John Ferraro Building: A-Level Lobby
111 North Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Session 1: Feed-in Tariff Program
3:00 – 5:00 pm
FiT offers contracts for eligible renewable energy projects located in LADWP’s electric service territory. Learn how to utilize your large rooftops for solar installations and sell the clean energy to LADWP’s grid!
• FiT 50 – Beacon Bundled Solar (Q3 2014 – Q4 2016)
• FiT 100 – 5th Allocation (Q1 2015) Expanded FiT (Q3 2015)

Session 2: Solar Incentive and Community Solar Programs
6:30 – 8:30 pm
The Solar Incentive and proposed Community Solar programs both provide customers the ability to invest in solar energy and reduce their electric bill.
• Solar Incentive Program – Customers install their own solar on their property for their own consumption.
• Community Solar – LADWP will build large community solar installations on City property for customers that are unable to do so themselves for various reasons, and allow participants to utilize the energy generated from the installations for their own consumption.

RSVP: Please visit ladwp.com/solar for more details and to RSVP. Read more »

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Relaxed Parking Enforcement During the Upcoming Jewish High Holiday


Below you will find the parking relaxation memo for the upcoming Jewish High Holiday.

The Department of Transportation, Parking Enforcement and Traffic Control Division will relax enforcement of street cleaning, time limit, and preferential parking restrictions on certain city streets for the Jewish holidays.

Metered parking and Tow Away zones will still be enforced.


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Water Conservation Tips while in a Drought

Sprinkler (Medium)

As California continues to weather through the drought, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s Water Conservation Response Unit (WCRU) is stepping up public education and enforcement of the water conservation ordinance with three additional staff members and specially marked vehicles. The additional staff has already begun patrolling the city of Los Angeles for water waste and responding to tips provided by phone, email and through social media.

LADWP’s General Manager Marcie Edwards says, “The WCRU will help remind customers about our watering restrictions, the importance of saving water, and enforce the ordinance in a friendly yet firm way.” She adds, “They are also great sources of information on how to become more water efficient in your home and outdoors, where about half of all water is used.”

L.A. is currently in Phase 2 of the mandatory water conservation ordinance. This phase prohibits the following uses of water in Los Angeles: Read more »

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Los Angeles Police Commission Grants Chief Charlie Beck Another Five-Year Term


Los Angeles: Today, Los Angeles Police Commission President Steve Soboroff stated the following:

Today, my fellow Commissioners and I completed the process of reviewing Chief Charlie Beck’s request for a second five-year term, and we granted him that request in a 4 yes and 1 no vote.

We received a great deal of help in our decision making process, and that help came from the people of Los Angeles. I want to thank each and every person who sent an email, wrote a letter, or came out to a community meeting to let us know exactly what they want, need and deserve in their Chief of Police. These comments made an impact on each of us and we are very appreciative for the assistance.

This process lasted approximately three months and included numerous interviews with Chief Beck. During those interviews, Read more »

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Information about the LADWP Claims Process: Westwood / Sunset Blvd Trunk Line Rupture


Stakeholder: The following info was provided to us today from the LADWP.

We at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power want to express our appreciation for the patience of Westside residents and the UCLA community as our crews and staff work around the clock as quickly and as safely as possible to complete repairs to the water trunk line that ruptured on July 29th.

While our focus is on making those repairs and reopening Sunset Boulevard as quickly as possible, we also are very much aware that this incident impacted the lives and property of many students, residents, faculty, and others in the nearby community surrounding UCLA and the UCLA campus directly. During repairs, and after they are complete, we want to assure you that we are here to help anyone who sustained damages.

If you sustained property damage or were personally injured, please review the information below and Read more »

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