Information about the LADWP Claims Process: Westwood / Sunset Blvd Trunk Line Rupture


Stakeholder: The following info was provided to us today from the LADWP.

We at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power want to express our appreciation for the patience of Westside residents and the UCLA community as our crews and staff work around the clock as quickly and as safely as possible to complete repairs to the water trunk line that ruptured on July 29th.

While our focus is on making those repairs and reopening Sunset Boulevard as quickly as possible, we also are very much aware that this incident impacted the lives and property of many students, residents, faculty, and others in the nearby community surrounding UCLA and the UCLA campus directly. During repairs, and after they are complete, we want to assure you that we are here to help anyone who sustained damages.

If you sustained property damage or were personally injured, please review the information below and Read more »

Improving the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance


On July 29, Councilmember Koretz’s motion to amend the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance came before the City Council’s Planning and Land Use committee. The motion’s intent is to curb oversized development of undersized lots. The room was filled with supportive community members and leaders of neighborhood councils from around the city. The committee moved the motion forward by asking the Department of Planning to report back in 30 days with draft language for an ordinance that will ultimately require approval by the full Council.

Protecting our Hillsides

hollywood hills mansion, hollywood

On July 30, Councilmember Koretz introduced two key motions, in City Council, aimed at strengthening the City’s Baseline Hillside Ordinance (BHO) for the sake of protecting our hillsides and hillside communities.  Both motions were seconded by Councilmember Tom LaBonge.

One motion notes that “the inclusion of exemptions in the grading requirements increases the possibility for unsafe conditions when haul routes and construction occurs. Large construction projects adversely impact hillside communities after the hauling of dirt is complete, inasmuch as {the projects} can sometimes last 5+ years, causing a hardship on the community and the city’s aging infrastructure.To ensure the safety of city residents, these large scale development projects must be held to a higher standard, by examining the cumulative impacts on our aging infrastructure and communities, by amending the grading requirements set forth by the Baseline Hillside Ordinance.”

The motion calls for the Department of Building and Safety and the Bureau of Street Services, assisted by the Planning Department in consultation with the City Attorney, to Read more »

Neighborhood Council Budget Day – Saturday 8/16/14

NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL BUDGET ADVOCATES in conjunction with the Department Of Neighborhood Empowerment present: Neighborhood Council Budget Day – Saturday 8/16/14. 7:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Board of Public Works Room CITY HALL 200 N. Spring St Los Angeles California 90012.

All are invited to attend this free event. Click here to RSVP for the event.
Or call 213 978 1676 with name, contact info and NC affiliation (if any).

To reserve parking, include your vehicle’s make, model and plate number.

A Boon for Bel Air

Bel Air California Neighborhood

From Councilmember Koretz’ latest Hi5 Newsletter.

For the community of Bel Air, July 15 was a day of important rulings.

That morning, the City of L.A.’s Building and Safety Commission held a hearing regarding a haul route application for the 10697 Somma Way project in Bel Air. After listening to the concerns of Councilmember Koretz and the community, ranging from street safety to the amount of dirt being removed, the Commission accepted the request of Councilmember Koretz and granted a continuance of 45 days, while instructing the developer and community to work with the council office on formulating potential conditions that might be applied for the duration of the haul route.

Later that afternoon, the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety issued a “Notice to stop all construction and notice of intent to revoke building permits” related to the 901 Stradda Vechhia project in Bel Air. This action followed directly on the heels of a letter sent by Councilmember Koretz to department general manager Ray Chan, urging him to “put a hold on all project permits and order all work at this property to cease so your Department has an opportunity to study the issues raised by community members.”

In that letter, the Councilmember noted that, “Compelling evidence has been brought to my attention indicating that a massive residential project under construction at 901 Strada Vecchia may have evaded multiple required entitlements and California Environmental Quality Act review as a result of misrepresentations in the project’s permit plans.” The Councilmember added that the developer has appeared to ignore Orders to Comply issued by LADBS. The letter also mentioned unpermitted grading and demolishing as well as the possibility of excessive numbers of retaining walls on the property, and indicated that the site’s natural grade may have been misrepresented in order to permit a project that exceeds the Code’s height limit.

Councilmember Koretz additionally cited slope failures and landslides, and said, “It is hard to believe that Read more »

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